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Social Mediators provides a platform for local companies with which they can easily enter into free collaborations with influencers and online creators for a fixed amount per month.

“We are very happy with Social Mediators. Influencers visit our attractions daily in exchange for content and a lot of reach.
The advantage of the platform is that influencers decide for themselves where they can go for free, without an intermediary or management.
This saves us a lot of time and money.”

Renee Bekker
PR & Social Media
Merlin Entertainments

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The platform

Through the Social Mediators platform you as a business can place a barter deal to every social influencer that has direct access to our app. Social media enthusiasts can download our app and request access to the platform.

In order to get access, every account is manually reviewed. We only accept users that will have an added value to your social media channels, based on metrics and performance. We have over 1000+ social influencers listed from the Benelux, mainly from the Randstad.




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Platform perks

Easy to use

Promote your product or service through influencer partnerships

Decide the barter deal up front

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Frequently asked questions

How do I use the platform

Create offers for our registered influencers and then set up a deal about when they will promote your business in exchange for your offer.

What are the benefits of the platform?

You can get a much bigger reach to any target groups you desire. 

The Social Mediators platform can quickly enlarge your footprint within your market on levels that would normally require many years of successful presence. 

If you play your cards right, you will end up with a lot of user generated content through local social media influencers, new clients and an interesting method of positioning your brand in the market.

Do I deal directly with Social Mediators?

No, we simply serve you as automated intermediaries. Our system puts you in contact with influencers that you normally wouldn’t find, let alone deal with.

So, who are these influencers on your platform?

Our influencers have passed the test of usefulness for anyone who sees the benefits of being promoted by content creators with huge followings.

The nature of your business, as well as your offer, will organically attract the right influencers to optimize your results. This usually works itself out perfectly.

By tweaking your offer and available time slots for influencers with the required followers, you’ll soon make the perfect match both in quality and quantity.

What do the Influencer Levels mean?

Influencer levels show the number of followers that an individual influencer has achieved on Instagram. This number gives a strong indication of the promoting power of the influencer.

Level1: 0-10 000 followers
Level2: 10 000-50 000 followers
Level3:  50 000-100 000 followers
Level4: 100k+ followers


Subscription plans


Visible on the platform to all ranks
Available for booking once per day
Set your own availability




Visible on the platform to all ranks
Available for booking once per day
Set your own availability
Activate Booking Requests




Set visibility to ranks
Set different offers based on the rank
Unlimited booking availability
Set your own availability
Activate Booking Requests