We very much pride ourselves for the role we play in the Hospitality Industry.

From  a complete Social Media Strategy and execution to a simple content movie depicting a special evening or that culinary breakthrough that just needs to be shared…

Our Clientele consists of Local Restaurants, Cocktail bars, Chains & Hospitality Groups.

Influencer platform

Social Mediators has its own Social Influencers platform that boasts 800+ prolific influencers.  

This powerful and unique instrument can hook you up to literally tens of thousands of followers! We can steer the right influencers of our corps to your establishment(s) while you can determine the flow of how many visits you would like to receive!

Social Media Management

Receive monthly reports and updates. Keep track of what works and what doesn’t in real time and with sensible and understandable data.  Analyze which target groups are big within your audience and who you would like to reach. All can be measured in real time in order to make fact-based decisions within your Social Media and advertising mix.


From breathtaking photographs to complete video productions, our production team of content specialists live for catching the atmosphere and the right tone of your business place. Our content can be utilised for all commercial purposes among which, of course, Social Media!