Influencer platform

For several years now, organisers of festivals openings or celebrations make use of influencers to bolster the numbers or the quality of attendance .

Social Mediators has elevated the use of this powerful tool into an art-form. With our own platform that boasts over 800 prolific influencers, our management- and monitoring systems and superior booking instruments we can make any and all events fly! 


Besides a major clean-up, what is left after an event? Our Production experts can jog memories or make all that didn’t attend jealous with their stylful and powerful productions. From a fully stylised and edited video-production or simply the kind of photographs that ask to be wallpapered, we come, understand, produce and deliver.

Social Media Management

Events and projects ask for a specialised approach when it comes to Social Media. As the big day approaches, it simply won’t do to send annoying count-down notices to your targets… It takes expertise and finesse to optimise events and their aftermaths! And those traits our experts have in spades. Contact us and find out what they can do for your special occasion!